QR PetCodes: A new id for pet tags

How it Works

Our unique pet tags utilize QR (Quick Response) Code technology which has popped up everywhere from magazines, advertisements, malls, and retail stores, to product packaging. Smartphones such as the iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Samsung Palm and Razor feature a standard QR reader app that allows your pet’s rescuer to easily scan your lost pet’s QR tag and get instant access to your contact information. Your pet’s personal page will include the pet's name, your phone number, email address, pictures, veterinary information and important details so that anybody who brings your pet home can instantly learn if they are aggressive toward children, as an example. In the unlikely event the individual who finds your pet doesn't own a Smartphone, rest assured our tags also have our website and your pet’s unique code engraved on the back that will lead them to your pet’s personal page.

Once you receive your tag, simply register your pet’s information with our easy-to-use registration process and in a matter of minutes your pet now has his own personal webpage visible only to you and someone who scans the tag. After a simple scan of their collar, the finder will be able to contact you using their phone. It's that easy! Our tags also help reduce the fear of approaching a “strange” dog. It is much safer to scan a tag than try to grab a dog’s collar and put your face in close range of his/her mouth.

Why Should I Get This for My Pet?

  1. Eliminates the fear a rescuer may have of getting too close to your aggressive pet and fumbling around with his tag
  2. No need to microchip your pet with an invasive injection
  3. Personal webpage for your pet with important veterinary and contact information
  4. No monthly fees
  5. Ability to update and change pet and contact information any time
  6. Link your pet's information to Facebook
  7. Pet tags will work on any Smartphone
  8. You are on the cutting edge of technology
  9. If your dog is microchipped you’re asking the finder to drive your dog to nearby vets to see if they can scan the chip-not everyone is willing to do

Your phone doesn’t have a QR scanner built in? Just go to your App store and search QR reader. It will only take a few seconds to download the free App!

  1. Droid = http://qrdroid.com/get
  2. IPhone = http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qr-reader-for-iphone/id368494609?mt=8